About Us

Each and every one of us all have a story to tell.

Inspired by design and beautiful architectural lines, Camellia Story embodies craftsman quality that brings together the traditional with modern. Our main philosophy is to create beautiful, well-crafted furniture made to last.


At Camellia Story, we are influenced by how furniture inspires design and embodies our abode. We carefully curate pieces, which unites articles and people, thus enabling our valued customers the opportunity to create their own narrative.

Embark on an adventure! The ways in which we live, our memories and hopes can be composed in the way we design and furnish our home. Our production team has curated a few outstanding pieces, which we feel are able to work in harmony in any kind of space. This way we are able to focus on producing the highest quality handcrafted furniture line.


Camellia Story presents exquisite designer mid-century reproductions of the highest quality standard for you to use your imagination and crate a home that tells your story.