This premium Artichoke Lamp features:

  1. Design from 1958
  2. Composed of a series of overlapped brushed aluminum “leaves” which reflect light from the bulb and produce a soft glare-free light for the entire room
  3. Available in three different colours : white / silver / copper
  4. Utilizes standard 100w bulb (not included)
  5. Lamp comes fully assembled but may require installation by a professional electrician
  6. Media & Large size selections


  • Diameter: 18.9” / 28.3”
  • Height: 22"


Artichoke Lamp

The intricate Artichoke Lamp was originally fabricated by architect and lighting innovator Poul Henningsen in 1958. It is a classical masterpiece where it still hangs at Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen to this day. A viewer can look at the fixture at any angle and they would see only the staggered leaves, hence not being able to see the light bulb located in the middle.

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  • Diameter:
    18.9” / 28.3”
  • Height:

$965.00 USD